Lily Cole for The Body Shop.

The other day I was at the launch of this and the new interior of the stores.

It was rather amazing, I got to talk to Lily Cole for 15 minutes about Africa, she have been in Ghana to see Body Butter get made there.
Did you know that it is handmade by African women there, then send around to the world. It is so amazing.
We also talked about Kenya, since we both been there. I was helping building a children's school there.

You should really support brands that work for a better world. Beauty can be so much more!
Like with The Body Shop and MAC Cosmetics against animal testing.
The Body Shop helping the third world by producing products there.
MAC Cosmetics for Viva Glam with Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj wich supports against HIV/AIDS.
Este Lauder against breast cancer.

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Maiken Hustuft

23.05.2012 kl.16:35

The body shop <3<3

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