The creative director of YSL, Hedi Slimane has decided to change the name of YSL to just SL.
He says it is to give it a new, fresh, creative feel. This will take place from Spring 2013.

I think this is the most stupid fashion news I've heard since John Galliano's support of the nazi.
Why would you change an allready well-established name of a brand!? Then they have to change all their products and design and it will cost the brand a fortune.

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Joanne Anholt L.

22.06.2012 kl.12:31

YSL kommer til forbli YSL. hvis det endres s kommer jeg ikke til bo p denne planteten.


22.06.2012 kl.22:11

Sv: Det vil hete SL fra vren 2013.

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